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A coach empowers another person by helping them set and meet their goals. At MindfulBodySpirit ltd. we coach people by teaching mindfulness as a technique to enrich lives- especially people who live with mental health difficulties.

At MindfulBodySpirit, we are experienced within the personal development field, and the world of spiritual growth. We give the majority of credit to mindfulness and meditation practice that have helped us to retain a strong sense of well-being. 

We hold value in the benefits of standard therapeutic treatment- talking therapy and medication. Yet the power of connection with a coach and learning to input mindfulness into daily life is where magic really can happen.





We provide workshops to groups of people within organisations focusing on mindfulness in relation to mental health.


We teach mindfulness techniques through interactive sessions- invoking all of the senses, to really get a taste of what mindfulness is like.


We at MindfulBodySpirit will speak openly about our personal experience and journeys and will invite discussion to actively break the mould of what mental health is really like.


We then show how mindfulness can help with mental health.

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